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Mar 1, 2012

We’ve Been Naughty

Hello you lot,

Yep – it’s been some time since we posted an update on this bit. We’ve been keeping the right sidebar with listings on up-to-date and the gigs page sort of up-to-date but yeah, the front of the website, THIS BIT has been somewhat neglected. And for that I can apologise.

So what’ve we been up to? Well, we’ve been booking some great things for you all to come to! This is the bit where I spam some videos for you to have a look at because I’m rubbish at descriptions. Anyway, in addition to those shows mentioned in previous posts that’re still to come (well, the one we previously mentioned: Roddy Woomble, Boat to Row and Lee Clayden at The Haunt on Saturday 10th March), we have the following:

Thursday 8th March – Johnny Foreigner / We Are The Physics / Love Among The Mannequins / Joanna Gruesome – The Green Door Store – £6adv

Wednesday 11th April – Delta Sleep / Speak Galactic / The Physics House Band / The Righteous Ones of the Blazing Rockets – Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar – £4adv

Delta Sleep – So Say We All from Devin Yüceil on Vimeo.

Sunday 6th May – Stanley Brinks (André Herman Dune) and the Flying Kaniks featuring Freschard – The Green Door Store – £7adv

Tuesday 8th May – Olympians / Kutosis / Holland – Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar – £5adv

OLYMPIANS // THE GREAT GATSBY from Olympians on Vimeo.

Kutosis: Skin from Tom Betts on Vimeo.

Thursday 17th May – The Primitives – The Haunt – £10adv

Monday 21st May – Ice, Sea, Dead People / Kellar – The Prince Albert – £5adv

Right, that’s all of them for now. Enjoy, and come along! I’ll update more often from now on, promise!


Aug 24, 2011

Gushing Thanks, plus DARREN HAYMAN!

Right, so I’m going to quickly get this out of the way – THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR COMING TO JEFFREY LEWIS & THE JUNKYARD ON MONDAY. Cool, that should just about do it. Well, not really I suppose. I honestly can’t thank you all enough for coming, being lovely even though I listed the door time on WeGotTickets wrong and making it one of the best nights we at CM have ever put on. If you left just after the gig, you’ll have missed Jeff doing a drawing on the side of the upstairs bar a little later on – it’s still there but here’s a picture anyway:

But yes, thanks for that. I have NEWS on top of all that gushing though. And it’s good. It’s REALLY good.

I am delighted to announce that DARREN HAYMAN (of legendary Peel-faves HEFNER) will be performing an afternoon solo piano show for us at Brighton Unitarian Church (opposite the Mash Tun & Fitzherberts) on Sunday 13th November (just before my birthday – nice!) in support of his upcoming new album ‘The Ship’s Piano’. Doors will be at 2pm and as there will be little/no amplification in the venue we’d ask you to arrive on time so as to not disturb the performance.

And it doesn’t even end there. Support on the day will come from Darren’s former Hefner bandmate JACK HAYTER!

Exciting times for sure, tickets will be £9 in advance from Resident, Rounder, Ape and and they should be on sale by Friday afternoon. If there are any left on the door, they’ll be £10. I hope to see you there!

Apr 24, 2011

Shrag support announced, plus poster!

We have support! Three fantastic bands and a DJ to be exact will be opening for Shrag on 4th June. Tickets are in the shops right now and info on those bands follows the gig poster/flyer below:


Atlanta’s Carnivores are geographically in the right place for smelting pop into lo-fi garage post-punk, though the indelible fingerprints of Georgia’s favourite sons only stretch so far. From the skittering drums, the resonant and insistent organ and the lazy surf-bum guitar figures, everything feels like it’s being dragged lovingly into an alternate era.

Having spent time on stage with the likes of Best Coast, Surfer Blood, No Age and Abe Vigoda, their smeary, oblique twitches into echo canyon seem fairly natural. Certainly the New York Times, Alternative Press and Pitchfork have allowed them to settle comfortably in various degrees of praise. Their second album “If I’m Ancient” merely confirms that all of these admirers are right to do so; sonically adventurous while never reneging on the promise of their personable and stinging melodic haze, Carnivores are the natural successors to the elemental garage-rock sound predators of the past

“…this is as solid as playing it safe gets, and it doesn’t actually play it all that safe– who else in garage rock is doing this sort of breakdown?” – Pitchfork Media


A conjoining of the unlikely twin towns of Chelmsford and Clapham, Evans The Death is, in truth, the creation of five like minds temporarily parted by the A10. Drawing inspiration from the independently minded guitar bands of the 80’s and with a healthy disdain for the concept of stardom, Evans The Death songs put high stock on the intelligence of lyrics and the primacy of melody. Despite actively avoiding the well trodden route of hype gigs and fervent web activity to gain a name, their ‘Sleeping Song’ has already been a fixture of the more forward thinking blogs.


Tyrannosaurus Dead are a 4-piece alternative act from Brighton/London. Forming in 2010 they have already built an admirable local fan base. Pulling their influences from the pre-grunge guitar rock of Dinosaur Jr, showing a re-imagining of 90s indie and shoegaze with obvious credits to the Jesus and Mary Chain & Sonic Youth. Expect a range of delightful fuzz and a clear understanding of the importance of vocal melody.


Between the bands on the night David McNamee will be treating us to a wonderful DJ set, playing a mix of old school female hip-hop, britpop, post-punk, indiepop, new wave, krautrock, lo-fi, party anthems, riot grrl, shoegaze, soul, pop and grunge. All nice and loudly.

Apr 7, 2011


I’m in a mite of a hurry, but I thought it’d be good to let you all know what’s going on. First up, sadly Familien had to pull out of opening the Jeniferever gig in a couple of weeks (with very good reasons, no hard feelings there whatsoever!) but excitingly as a replacement we have the wonderful AMONG BROTHERS playing. They’re actually quite brilliant, listen to them here at their Bandcamp, or read a lovely review of their new EP at The 405.

Now, secondly I’m really psyched to be able to announce that we have one of my favourite bands, SHRAG headlining The Green Door Store on Saturday 4th June! It’ll be something of a homecoming gig (having not played Brighton since before the release of their most recent album) and so no doubt a really special night. Please come along, they’re so, so good. Here’s some proof! – The video for recent single ‘Rabbit Kids’!

Tickets are £4 in advance or £6 on the door and are available from right now and will soon be available to buy in Resident, Rounder & Ape!

See you all soon, I can’t wait!

Feb 24, 2011


Hi! I’m quite certain I already posted about this already, but my post seems to have been lost. That’s a bugger.

Anyway, we have another gig coming up soon (really soon in fact), Tuesday 15th March at the Green Door Store, Brighton. Playing are three fantastic bands – Chris T-T and the Hoodrats + Dive Dive on their co-headline tour, plus Welwyn Garden City / Brighton’s own Redmaxx!

We’re big fans of all three here at Cupboard Music but, well, that’s probably a given seeing as we’re putting them on. But why believe us? Well, because of this YouTube-provided evidence. This is a good thing:

Chris T-T – Nintendo

Chris T-T – We Are The King of England

Dive Dive – Liar

Dive Dive – The Sorry Suitor

Redmaxx – Dan Reacts (live)

Tickets are £6 in advance or £7 on the door. They’re available NOW from Resident, Rounder Records and from this WeGotTickets link.

Oh, and here’s a poster:

See you there!

Jan 26, 2011


Hey all,

Really excited to be able to announce that we will have JENIFEREVER to play for us at Brighton’s Green Door Store on Tuesday 19th April. Tickets are available right now from Resident, Rounder Records and online HERE at They’re £6 in advance or £7 if you want to risk turning up on the door and getting one.

Here’s a track from Jeniferever’s upcoming new album ‘Silesia’. It’s fantastic.

Jeniferever ‘Waifs & Strays’ by Monotreme Records

Also, I have a tasty poster for the gig – here it is:

Also, since I’m telling you all about it, here’s the band’s press release for the new album:

Given their country’s population of around ten million, and the constant stream of new sounds emanating from its borders, it’s easy to assume that one in four Swedes are in a band worthy of time and attention. Some names come easy: The Knife, Robyn, The Hives, ABBA. Some are less immediate – but give them a moment and they could be a band for a lifetime.

Jeniferever are one such group. The Uppsala four-piece – Kristofer Jönson, Martin Sandström, Olle Bilius and Fredrik Aspelin – have previously been compared to some truly otherworldly outfits, bands with the ability to paint a world around the listener. But every second of Silesia is tied to place and time, bound by reality and borne by experience. It’s less about escape, more confronting the unexpected trials that send one’s life into undulation.

The album’s title is taken from the former name of Berlin’s Ostbahnhof. It was near here, while on tour in 2009, that Kristofer learned that his father had passed away. Reality bit where there was so often release; the structure of life on the road collapsed, and the band cancelled their remaining dates.  Several months later, a third album began to form; while not wholly informed by the recent tragedy, nevertheless the collection bears its title with no little relevance. Said Kristofer, “I liked the idea of naming it after a railway station since it’s a place of motion, a place where people arrive and depart and sometimes maybe depart never to come back…” And the end product is Jeniferever’s brightest, most immediate long-player yet. From pain, confidence; from darkness, light.

Two previous albums – 2006’s Choose a Bright Morning and 2009’s Spring Tides – earned the band the affections of in-the-know admirers. It was easy to be charmed by their soft-focus dynamics, their soaring climaxes and emotions-stirring textures. But it wasn’t so easy to chance upon their fare, and word of mouth has largely driven the group’s reach. Whether Silesia breaks through the invisible divide between underground and mainstream is out of the band’s hands. But there are moments of snappy accessibility that will surely tick relevant radio boxes, given the chance.

There’s a crack and strut to The Beat of Our Own Blood, the album’s third track. “Goodbye to bright spotlights,” sings Kristofer, taking the listener into the belly of the urban beast, through a city’s trains and tunnels. Deception Pass might be the band’s heaviest song yet, drums and bass combining to kick up a turbulent maelstrom of menace. Hearths threads elegant atmospherics like satellite trails across a starry sky, and the title-track’s sentiment, while stemming from a single heart, is truly universal.

Leaves fall, ice builds, the sun breaks cover, flowers blossom. Everything’s part of a cycle, every aspect has its beauty. Silesia is an album of similar changes and contrasts, of life and death, and just as fascinating as the forever-changing nature of what’s outside your window.

Mike Diver

That sounds great, right? I can’t bloody wait and I hope you’re as excited. See you there!

Upcoming Gigs

+ Such Small Hands
+ Garden Centre
Thursday 27th July
at The Hope & Ruin
Tickets £6adv

+ More to be announced soon!

Tickets for all Cupboard Music shows are available from Resident in Brighton and online at, See Tickets and WeGotTickets.