P for Persia / Speak Galactic – Aegis Arctic Alp (CUPB011)

Released: 23/08/2013

A1. P for Persia – Rainbow Flux
A2. P for Persia – St. Luanne
A3. P for Persia – Uncanny Valley
B1. Speak Galactic – New Inventions
B2. Speak Galactic – Magnified Destiny

Being the two best space-rock bands in Brighton, it was only natural that P For Persia and Speak Galactic were soon sharing bills, getting grouped together in scenes and becoming good friends. They realised they had in common a sensibility for melodic hooks and emotional appeal hidden within soundscapes of glitch and noise, and thus it was the bands themselves who seeded interest among 3 labels in joining forces for this with split-release.

Released on spectacular purple vinyl in collaboration with two other Brighton labels ‘Fcking The Night’ and ‘Beatabet’ and accompanied by a co-headline UK tour in August 2013. Available to stream & buy from http://cupboardmusic.bandcamp.com/album/aegis-arctic-alp.


Nature Channel – Nature Channel (CUPB010)

Released: 29/06/2013

01. Chet Baker
02. Hot Sands
03. Life Classes
04. Worms In The Wood
05. Great Caesar’s Ghost

Featuring three veterans of seminal Brighton bands Nullifier & Lonely Ghosts, Nature Channel consist of Tom Denney (also Soft Arrows/Help She Can’t Swim), Luke Hefson (Rooks/Cheat Sheet) & Jim Morrison (Speak Galactic/The Tumbledown Estate/loads of others) making “gnarly garage riffin’ ala Hot Snakes, The Bronx etc” – totally awesome noisy punk stuff.


Various Artists – Cupboard Music ‘Taster’ 2013 (CUPB009)

Released: 20/04/2013

01. Speak Galactic – New Inventions
02. P for Persia – Rainbow Flux
03. Speak Galactic – Hyss
04. Tyrannosaurus Dead – 1992
05. Among Brothers – Keep
06. The Holy Orders – Sherlock
07. Cousin – Fourth Floor Balcony Fight
09. The Righteous Ones of the Blazing Rockets – Rockette
10. Sweet Williams – A Million Years
11. Ice, Sea, Dead People – You Could Be A Model
12. Plague Sermon – Taking A Life

A one-off compilation of bands we at Cupboard Music love. The first four tracks are taken from past and (at time of release) upcoming Cupboard Music releases – the remaining tracks are bands we’ve promoted at gigs, are going to be putting on soon or just bands we really like and asked if we could get their songs on here too.

Only 100 of these CDs were made – half were given out to the queue outside Resident in Brighton on Record Store Day 2013, 20th April.


Speak Galactic – Hyss (CUPB008)

Released: 18/04/2013

01. Hyss

Digital single available for free download from http://cupboardmusic.bandcamp.com/album/hyss.

Speak Galactic – Severed (CUPB007)

Released: 24/09/2012

A1. Capsule
A2. Precautionary Measures
A3. Hyss
A4. Pigments
A5. Lux
B1. Lost Ones
B2. Solar Sail

Album number #2 from Brighton ambient noise-pop duo, released September 2012 on limited 12″ clear vinyl + download.

“a must see for fans of ambient / noise / fucked up pop. A boiling brew of electronics, ghostly voices and pounding drums” – Nature Scene Records

“Now, I don’t say this very often, but these two are going to be HUGE.” – Risk & Consequence

Available via the Cupboard Music store, Resident Music, Endless Records or for download at Bandcamp, iTunes and other major download stores. Also available for streaming on Spotify.

Speak Galactic – Precautionary Measures (CUPB006)

Released: 13/08/2012

01. Precautionary Measures
02. Bright Tunnels

Brighton ambient noise-pop duo’s debut single from upcoming album ‘Severed’, available exclusively as a download from the Cupboard Music Bandcamp.

Tyrannosaurus Dead – Tyrannosaurus Dead EP (CM05CD)

Released: 24/10/2011

01. 1992
02. Silver
03. Smiling Politely

Brighton/London-based alt-rockers with a deep-seated love for all things good such as Dinosaur Jr and the C86 lot. 3 tracks of utter joy from a very new band (6 months old at time of release!) bursting with potential.

The Astronauts – The Donkey Riding EP (CM04CD)

Released: 11/10/2010 (SOLD OUT)

01. Donkey Riding
02. Erupting
03. Lonely & Loaded
04. Waiting For July To Come Around

Recorded years ago, finally getting a proper release (After the digital download via Trashville earlier in 2010), ‘The Donkey Riding EP’ is 4 tracks of excellence from Welwyn Garden City anarcho-punk stalwards The Astronauts.

V/A – A Healthy Sound For Healthy Listening: The Music of Welwyn Garden City (CM03CD)

Released: 05/08/2010

01. The Bush The Tree & Me – I’m Better
02. Bozwood – (Murder At) Fresh & Wild
03. Redmaxx – Does It Feel Like Home?
04. Tom Stallard – Playdough Knife
05. Thousand Autumns – Terrified
06. Teflon Child – Ineffable
07. Kicking Nines – What A Day
08. The Righteous Ones of the Blazing Rockets – Cancer Mountain
09. To The Moon – LHC (A Halo)
10. Hazel Turnock & the Screaming Cockroaches – Get Over Here and Fall In Love With Me
11. Alan Cowley – More Comical Than Tragic
12. Nya Shelley – River Past My Door
13. Manamucova – Current Climate
14. The Subways – 1am (2003 Demo)
15. Killing Seymour – Dead Loving Girl
16. The City Divided – Narcissus & I
17. Heights – Empires
18. Arrows Down – The Saps
19. The Otters – Heresy
20. Bonny Kate – Hares on the Mountain
21. P.P. Dog – The Westminster Panda Eyes Song

A compilation of local artists from the town of Welwyn Garden City, Herts. Released alongside a series of showcase gigs in August 2010, AHSFHL contains exclusive tracks from Bozwood (ex-S*M*A*S*H), Kicking Nines, The Righteous Ones of the Blazing Rockets, Alan Cowley, Manamucova and PP Dog alongside a rare 2003 demo version of local heroes The Subways first single ‘1am’.

Kicking Nines – Tiger Diamonds (CM02CD)

Released: 15/03/2008

01. Freakuency
02. Rapid 99
03. Darker
04. Black Swan
05. Pretty Loving

Blurring boundaries between down-tempo drum & bass and ambient electronica is Kicking Nines, or Sam Judge of Welwyn Garden City, Herts.

Whether remixing M83 or just plastering some samples together on his computer, Kicking Nines claims he is just making music he likes to hear, with any positive feedback being an added bonus!This EP is an extremely limited edition 3″ CD.

The Otters – Be Back Soon (CM01CD)

Released: 13/09/2007 (SOLD OUT)

01. Be Back Soon
02. Man In A Box
03. The Night

The Otters have crafted a sound that is very definitely their own – sometimes poppy, sometimes chaotic, always passionate – and have been described as “noisy, uncompromising and a real reason to get excited about the future of the music industry” – Alex McCann, Designer Magazine” and “anarchic, unpredictable, experimental and downright obtuse – FUSE Magazine” amongst other things.

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